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The Airtramper Project

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A daring idea:

The Airtramper will be hitchhiking with aircrafts across Europe. How far he actually get, however, will be up how in runs on the way. He will start in Dortmund (in the middle of Germany, well known for bis great footballclub Borussia Dortmund) and tries to reach Lisboa in Portugal. In fact, he can take any kind of aircraft he wants – helicopters, jets, hot air ballons, gyrocopters, small planes.

The rules:

  • The airtramper has to start without any money
  • He is not allowed to book or pay any flights
  • He is also not allowed to use his creditcards

In fact, it won´t be very easy. How he gets by: Thats his problem. He has to work whatever for food and bed.

The Airtramperproject is the last part of a report-series whitch centers around hitchhiking in extraordinary ways: Only on ships, only on motorbikes, whith a carriage without a horse and so on. The whole story you can find on www.dertramper.de

Is the project really to do? No idea. The time will tell.


But the Tramper has something like a plan. Have a look on the trailer: