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Holger Steffens

The Extreme-Hitchhiker Holger “Hoss” Steffens, born in 1970, worked during his younger years as a ground and helicopter-rescue paramedic and later as an instructor and member of the operations staff of the Dortmund Workers’ Samaritan Federation. Already during his study of psychology at the Ruhr University in Bochum he discovered journalism and a lasting penchant for commentary and satire.

After the completion of his study of press journalism at the the Busch Journalism Center in Hagen, he worked as a correspondent, commentator, book author, restaurant critic, professional trainer for corporate leadership, crisis communications adviser and media officer for charities at large events, such as the Workers’ Samaritan Federation’s situation center during the World Cup 2006 and the Love Parades 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Steffens is well-known to his audience due to his rather non-conventional style of reporting; from the heights of a high-altitude rescue in Mainz to the depths of a Garzweil coal mine with a crisis response team, he gets in on the action and takes the reader along for a wild ride. The greater public of Dortmund has not been spared the tales of Steffens’ exploits; they’ve risked life and limb along with him (in their mind’s eye, at least) via his numerous magazine columns and he has certainly managed to endear himself to their hearts and minds with his book “My Life with Lübke” (a satire about the most unusual goldfish in the world). In 2009 a second book, “Stowaway”, followed and laid the cornerstone of “The Hitchhiking Project”, which has turned into a series of adventures.

Most recently he’s been tinkering as a project developer for the publishing house Luups in various areas of responsibility and led the Ruhr Design magazine as chief editor during its start-up phase.

Holger “Hoss” Steffens lives and works in Dortmund, Germany… and for that matter anywhere else, where someone will let him.