I wanna thank you

My dearest all,

after a few days back at home and resting a little bit i am on my work to write down the whole story.

Whenever so many people said bevor, that hitchhiking by aircraft would not work: it did. In fact, it was not easy. It took me round about seven weeks, my spine was sometimes not in a good condition, i cought a flu and most of the nights i could not sleep quite well. The mission was successful. But without help and support of so many others it would not have been possible.

I want to thank

  • to all the people who were so persuaded that i can not do the story – exactly that gave me brave in hopeless situation
  • to all the people who gave me a lift in their aircrafts
  • to all the people who gave me shelter, a bed for the night and something to eat on my way
  • to all the people who made so many efforts to bring me further
  • to all the people who were writing mails to me when it was not running well an pleased me not to give up the project

Sorry, that i can not count everybody by name here – the list would be too long.

But from the bottom of my heart: I appriciate what you have done for me!

As i announced bevor i started, this will be the seventh and last part of the hitchhiking series. But dont´t worry: I am sure that i start some other strange projects in the future ;-)


IMG_1371 - Kopie