The last step

Sorry that i was not writing about the last day of the Airtramper-Story bevor, but i really had to rest a few days.

The last day: I spent a sleepless night on the airport of Barcelona. At 7.00 am the next flight with Vueling Air startet to Düsseldorf and we arrived at 9.15 am. Directly i got a lift from the airport to Essen/Mühlheim quite in the near.

On the airfield in Essen/Mühlheim i went to the tower and asked, if they have an idea how to come back to Dortmund, just 50 kilometers away. The man on the tower said: “Jepp. We will bring you to Dortmund. That´s a matter oh honer.”

One hour later i was sitting in a Diamant Plane towards my hometown. Nice: The airport Dortmund gave us support, we did not have to pay for landing.

But my work is not done, it starts these days. I will write a report of that strange journey and offer it to diverging magazines all over the world.

I keep you in touch, where it will appear…