+++ Bilbao will be the turn +++

Was at the Airport Bilbao the whole day and talked to the Airport stuff, to pilots, to the handling company. It seems not to be possible to catch a flight from here in the next days of even further. The same like in San Sebastian. The problem: Spain has not such a wide spreaded privat Pilot Szene linke the Rest of Europe.

To get to Lisboa and back could take weeks of even longer. That does not make sense. Not for me, not for the project. The proof is done: Hitchhiking by aircrafts is possible. So Bilbao will be the turn to go back home. For luck i can stay this night again in the youth hostel Akelarre. Thanks for your help! It is really an nice place with nice people!


I will check tomorrow some freight companies if one of them maybe has an empty leg and a place free for me towards Germany.

Oh, by the way: it seems that Bilbao has bought all the busses that were in use for the filmset of ‘Lord of the rings’ :-)