Thanks Christophe and Jean-Claude for the lift in my fourth Robin plane in this tour!

Unfortunally in Biarritz there was no plane for my to find – not many pilots fly across the border to Spain, because they have no international aviation radio licenice. I moved first to San Sebastian hitchhiking by car, than further to Bilbao. Got – for luck – a bed in the Akelarre Hostel what i reached total wet after a serious rain.

The nice guy from the reception let me one Euro discount. They do it for pilgrims hat travel the Jakobs Way. And in his eyes i am a pilgrim. Nice – i never regarded me as a pilgrim. But sometimes this comparisson may work in my travelling :-)

Tomorrow i go to the Airport Bilbao (by the way: Bilbao is really pretty) to look for the luck i urgently need. I am now two weeks in my way and i am not in next condition. My spine tells me all the time what it keeps from this kind of journey and everday catching more disappointments than progress and success is not quite easy for my mood. Anyway – show just go in. Here some pictures.


Keep you in touch…