Thank you Bernard for the lift, it was great to fly save with you!

La Reole was – as to expecting – the wrong place to geht the next lift. I changed to Bordeaux, but here also i could find no plane at the Airport for a lift, although i asked all people in the General aviation area. I requested the office for media relations to give a support. I do not become an appointment, but an advice by telefon: I shall ask at the General aviation area. Wow! What would i do without you? Thank you for nothing! But two nice guys from the Aviapartner company adviced me to go to the airfield La Teste near Arcachone, where is a big private pilot szene. Meanwhile i took more cars (and one motorbike) while changing the airports than planes.

Three nice young people from germany let me stay save directly next to their motorhome in a camping site at the great dune of Arcachone, so i had a place for the night. Thank you for the nice evening, Lukas, Astrid and Kilian!

This morning at the aerodrome La Teste is also no plane for me to find, nobody goes to the south. But the airfield director Frederic Patey takes me by the hand to ask everybody at the aerodrome. Wie think ab out a solution for me. He calls the lokal newspaper. Wie will have an interview with them this afternoon.

More and more it becomes clear, that the mission to fullfill could be doubtful. Maybe i reach Lisboa. But the way back hitchhiking by planes will hardly to do, i think.  In addition to that my body is not in the best condition anymore. Its really hard to travel in this way: No money exept a few Euros sometimes, every day to find a new place to stay cheap for the night, mostly i do not sleep very well.

But here some pics ob the last days.


Keep you in touch…