Was changing  from airfield  Blois by autostop to airfield in Tour. No good idea! There is just one small Aero Club hat owns ONE plane. I decide to go further. Sebastien – a member ob the Club – takes me to the road to Le Mans, where hopefully more success is waiting for an Airtramper.But its getting dark and there are only a few cars in the road. Finally i stand in the middle of nowhere, 40 kilometers way from Le Mans. I am tired, hopeless to find a place for the night and whish that fucking mosquito to hell, that hit me in the top of my left foot. The stitch is growing up to a size of a maplenut in the boot and hurts. I hear behind a window some Handmade guitarmusic and people are laughing. Have i got something to loose? No. I knock on the door. A few mates are sitting together. Deniz, the owner says just: ‘Me casa est su casa. And suddendly i have a beer in my hand and a couch for tonight. I am really, really thankful!


Arriving at the airfield in Le Mans it becomes clear, hat i  am in good  hands. Tomorrow Pilot Arnod Barth from the Aero Club  Ailes du Maine (which i want to recommand to everybody who wants to meet groovy people) gives me a lift to come a bit more to the south. I have to wash my clothes . In a small plane you are sitting sometimes really very close and i think a Pilot has the right, hat i do not smell to much. Fact is: i need a bed, a washing machine, a dryer and a wifi to get online. Thibault – also from the Aero Club – byes one of limited edition original airtramper stickers from me, so i can go where i find these three things: in the youth hostel. (Actual no bad idea to sell the stickers, that are thought for fotos. A good possibility to make a few Euros.) A good day for an Airtramper!

Keep you in touch…