Sorry, i could not give a update yesterday – Andreas organized a lift and i had to hurry up to get the flight.

A nice couple had the destination Orleans in France and gave me a lift. From Orleans i went by autostop a few kilometers to Brois where a big Ultralight Meeting startet and goes on for the weekend. I could sleep in a tent of a company, but i paid hard for the bedroom:

I was attackt by round about 379 Moskitos during the night and could count more than 40 stitches this morning. Anyway: The Palace was sure and dry. Fair enough, i helped Laurant next day to decorate and spread catalogs to the visitors.



My problem: lot of planes are landing, but no one is leaving. In addition to that the privat planes are not allowed to start bevor the ULM meeting ends on saturday evening. But i dont want to wait two days for a lift. Currently i sit in the local aero club (really nice people!) and use their computer to give you an update.

Probably i try to reach another airport in the near to get the next lift.

Keep you in touch…