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New project

Hi folks,

after four months sitting in the office it is time to start a new project.

So much to say: I will start without money or credit cards again. And be sure, that there will be some other rules wich won´t make it  easy.

The project will start in the next weeks.

Keep you in touch…

May luck and healthiness be on your 2015!

Writing the story

Homeoffice is out – watersite working is hip!

It was a lot of trouble in the office. So i took my VW Bus, left the mobile phone at home and wrote the Airtramper article near my hometown at a quiet place directly next to an big channel.

At this time i am in contact to some publishing houses that are interested in the story. Where and when it appeares?  You will find an own menu-button on this blog fot that soon.

Keep you in touch…


I wanna thank you

My dearest all,

after a few days back at home and resting a little bit i am on my work to write down the whole story.

Whenever so many people said bevor, that hitchhiking by aircraft would not work: it did. In fact, it was not easy. It took me round about seven weeks, my spine was sometimes not in a good condition, i cought a flu and most of the nights i could not sleep quite well. The mission was successful. But without help and support of so many others it would not have been possible.

I want to thank

  • to all the people who were so persuaded that i can not do the story – exactly that gave me brave in hopeless situation
  • to all the people who gave me a lift in their aircrafts
  • to all the people who gave me shelter, a bed for the night and something to eat on my way
  • to all the people who made so many efforts to bring me further
  • to all the people who were writing mails to me when it was not running well an pleased me not to give up the project

Sorry, that i can not count everybody by name here – the list would be too long.

But from the bottom of my heart: I appriciate what you have done for me!

As i announced bevor i started, this will be the seventh and last part of the hitchhiking series. But dont´t worry: I am sure that i start some other strange projects in the future ;-)


IMG_1371 - Kopie

The last step

Sorry that i was not writing about the last day of the Airtramper-Story bevor, but i really had to rest a few days.

The last day: I spent a sleepless night on the airport of Barcelona. At 7.00 am the next flight with Vueling Air startet to Düsseldorf and we arrived at 9.15 am. Directly i got a lift from the airport to Essen/Mühlheim quite in the near.

On the airfield in Essen/Mühlheim i went to the tower and asked, if they have an idea how to come back to Dortmund, just 50 kilometers away. The man on the tower said: “Jepp. We will bring you to Dortmund. That´s a matter oh honer.”

One hour later i was sitting in a Diamant Plane towards my hometown. Nice: The airport Dortmund gave us support, we did not have to pay for landing.

But my work is not done, it starts these days. I will write a report of that strange journey and offer it to diverging magazines all over the world.

I keep you in touch, where it will appear…














Mission: Possible

I am back in Dortmnd and absolutely tired.

Yeah, the airtramper mission is done!

Give you a report tomorrow, i urgently need to sleep for two nights and days or so.



+++ Going home +++

After round about four weeks hanging around in Bilbao and contacting nearly everybody in the aviation business in Europe I get surprising help:

When the communication team from Vueling Air heared that it is so difficult for me to get back home they decided to help me so that this project can be finished. Tomorrow night they give me a lift from Bilbao to Barcelone first, than further to Duesseldorf in Germany, near my hometown Dortmund. Next to Duesseldorf is an airfield – Essen/Muehlheim – from which I try to find the last lift to Dortmund.

Dearest team from Vueling Air: I am really, really thankful for your support!



Going home the next days.

After round about four weeks in Bilbao and lots of planes I could not catch for diverging reasons it seems that I can get back to Germany.

Vueling – a spanish Airline – wants to give me a lift in the next days. Hopefully we find a way. At the beginning of the trip it was clear, that this mission won’t be easy – but hanging around for such a long time does really not make so much sense.

In the meantime I keep some records here in Ganbara Hostel: no one has ever stayed for such a long time in arrow and was using so many different rooms (including the couch and the store room). Thanks once more to Josan and his team for help and support!  And to care for me while I was lying in bed with a Flu.



Strange things that happen in Bilbao:

Was bumped on my shoulder by a strange looking man in a small street after i bought a bread in a panaderia.

I said: “Ey, Chico!”  He came back to me and shouted something on spanish what i could not understand. Then some of the most stupid words ever in my life came over my lips.

I said: “I have a bread, and i will use it!” He looked at me. Looked at the bread. We both had to start loud laughing. Then he disappeared in the street.

Notice: Bread means peace for the world.




Still in Bilbao.

I am in contact to certain air charter companies in Europe and push my mobile phone costs up to the stars. There were some planes for me in the last days, but none of them i could reach in time. Example: There was one in Vigo near the border to Portugal, but it would have taken me 13 !!! hours to geht there by bus or train. A riksha in India would have been faster. But changing town and Airport also does not make sense.

Thanks once again to the Team of Ganbara Hostel – it would all not work without your support.

Quite often i think about just going home by cheap bus of hitchhiking by cars – but i do not want to give up the project. Its really hard these days. Keep you in touch…



Bought me a second hand big size tenor ukulele for cheap money and played in the streets to make some money i urgently need.

My strategie: i offer the people to play for them. One song for 1 Euro, two songs for 2 Euros and when i shall immidiately stop playing i take 3 Euros. The 3-Euro-strategie worked at its best.

I am not the best ukulele player, you have to know.

Keep you in touch…



Holy crab and crab once more!

Talked to a cargo aircraft company in germany today. Could have get a lift by a cargo plane. But the plane landed in Zaragoza and took off again bevor I could have reached it. Takes too long to get there. Hopefully there will be progress in the next days.

Keep you in touch…

Mood of the Airtramper today:  like a sunflower. A very dry sunflower.






Had some stuff forgotten in the Akelarre hostel. Asked at the Tourne bike hire shop what a bike would cost for a hour. Got one for free the day. It dos not matter if the people here read one of the articles or have seen the Airtrqmper story on TV – as soon as i explain my tricky situation i get support from man Baskian people.

And special thanks to Josan Barrueta from the Ganbara hostel and also to this team! The really help me a lot. Here in Bilbao are some freight companys that organize airfreight also. Will try to deal something with them to get  away from here. Whenever i have to say, that Bilbao is a really cool and interesting town that has much more to offer than just the famous Guggenheim Museum.


Keep you in touch…









Still in Bilbao.

If that goes on in this way i have to build a house and found a family. Try to get a job as a on  board Courier to deliver something from here by plane to Germany.

Had to change the hostel, the nice Akelarre was booked by a big group. Got a lift from the television team from TVB that made a story about the Airtramper Project. The people here are so helpfull! Even my New hostel Ganbara in the old town gave me discount to support me.

Was later in the evening in the darkest rockbar of Bilbao, asking for a glass of Havanna Rum and to work for that. Hombre said: Havanna have i here in the bar. But nothing to work for you.

I said: and now? Hombre said: Drink.

I like Hombre…


Keep you in touch…







Made some contacts today to ambulance and freight aviation companies. Hope, that one of them can give me a lift from Bilbao. To find a privat pilot seems not to work.

But got nice support from El Correo, the biggest newspaper here in the north. Thank you, collegs! The next newspaper already asked…






Still messing around in Balboa, still no progress.

People you meet here:

Samuel, a pilgrim from Germany that walked the Jacobs Way Camino Santiago De Compostela.

Start: 4,5 month ago from Bodensee, Germany

Kilometers done: 2300

Age: 18

Respect ! ! !







+++ Bilbao will be the turn +++

Was at the Airport Bilbao the whole day and talked to the Airport stuff, to pilots, to the handling company. It seems not to be possible to catch a flight from here in the next days of even further. The same like in San Sebastian. The problem: Spain has not such a wide spreaded privat Pilot Szene linke the Rest of Europe.

To get to Lisboa and back could take weeks of even longer. That does not make sense. Not for me, not for the project. The proof is done: Hitchhiking by aircrafts is possible. So Bilbao will be the turn to go back home. For luck i can stay this night again in the youth hostel Akelarre. Thanks for your help! It is really an nice place with nice people!


I will check tomorrow some freight companies if one of them maybe has an empty leg and a place free for me towards Germany.

Oh, by the way: it seems that Bilbao has bought all the busses that were in use for the filmset of ‘Lord of the rings’ :-)



Thanks Christophe and Jean-Claude for the lift in my fourth Robin plane in this tour!

Unfortunally in Biarritz there was no plane for my to find – not many pilots fly across the border to Spain, because they have no international aviation radio licenice. I moved first to San Sebastian hitchhiking by car, than further to Bilbao. Got – for luck – a bed in the Akelarre Hostel what i reached total wet after a serious rain.

The nice guy from the reception let me one Euro discount. They do it for pilgrims hat travel the Jakobs Way. And in his eyes i am a pilgrim. Nice – i never regarded me as a pilgrim. But sometimes this comparisson may work in my travelling :-)

Tomorrow i go to the Airport Bilbao (by the way: Bilbao is really pretty) to look for the luck i urgently need. I am now two weeks in my way and i am not in next condition. My spine tells me all the time what it keeps from this kind of journey and everday catching more disappointments than progress and success is not quite easy for my mood. Anyway – show just go in. Here some pictures.


Keep you in touch…











Got a car for free from the Pyla Mehari car rent to buy a newspaper with an article ab out the Airtramper project.

While crusing with the Mehari car Jean Claude from the Tower called me: He asked a Pilot if he can give me a lift on this way to Biarritz. He can.

Take oft will be at 14.00

Keep you in touch…




Holy, holy crab! This morning Mr.Patey came to me. A pilot from here flew quite to the near of Lisboa and would have taken me with him. But there were two more passengers on board, so the maximum weight would have been more than only reached. This could have been the lift of my life…

Hopefully on the weekend there is more traffic here and also another chance. But one thing just be mentioned: The people here on the aerodrome are really helpfull, nice, groovy and open minded. And by the way – thanks to the parashooters! They let me stay in their hangar, Mr. Patey organised this for me. The biggest room i ever slept in alone. Try to find the bed in the pic! But the situation is not hopeless. I have 7 Euros in my pockets, so I can buy a baguette and a beer for tonight.

Keep you in touch…







Thank you Bernard for the lift, it was great to fly save with you!

La Reole was – as to expecting – the wrong place to geht the next lift. I changed to Bordeaux, but here also i could find no plane at the Airport for a lift, although i asked all people in the General aviation area. I requested the office for media relations to give a support. I do not become an appointment, but an advice by telefon: I shall ask at the General aviation area. Wow! What would i do without you? Thank you for nothing! But two nice guys from the Aviapartner company adviced me to go to the airfield La Teste near Arcachone, where is a big private pilot szene. Meanwhile i took more cars (and one motorbike) while changing the airports than planes.

Three nice young people from germany let me stay save directly next to their motorhome in a camping site at the great dune of Arcachone, so i had a place for the night. Thank you for the nice evening, Lukas, Astrid and Kilian!

This morning at the aerodrome La Teste is also no plane for me to find, nobody goes to the south. But the airfield director Frederic Patey takes me by the hand to ask everybody at the aerodrome. Wie think ab out a solution for me. He calls the lokal newspaper. Wie will have an interview with them this afternoon.

More and more it becomes clear, that the mission to fullfill could be doubtful. Maybe i reach Lisboa. But the way back hitchhiking by planes will hardly to do, i think.  In addition to that my body is not in the best condition anymore. Its really hard to travel in this way: No money exept a few Euros sometimes, every day to find a new place to stay cheap for the night, mostly i do not sleep very well.

But here some pics ob the last days.


Keep you in touch…















Arnoud: thanks to drop me save in Poirtiers! Was great to see the 24Hours race area of Le Mans to see from above…

I am a lucky guy: Bernard from the Aero Club ASPTT in Poitiers can give me a lift tomorrow to La Reole, quite in the near ob Bordeaux. Probably i will not get a lift from there further, but Bordeaux is easy to reach by auto stop.


And in addition to that the president oft the Aero Club let me stay for the night here. It runs well. Compliment to the french aviation people: You help me a lot to realise that really difficult mission!

Keep you in touch…








Was changing  from airfield  Blois by autostop to airfield in Tour. No good idea! There is just one small Aero Club hat owns ONE plane. I decide to go further. Sebastien – a member ob the Club – takes me to the road to Le Mans, where hopefully more success is waiting for an Airtramper.But its getting dark and there are only a few cars in the road. Finally i stand in the middle of nowhere, 40 kilometers way from Le Mans. I am tired, hopeless to find a place for the night and whish that fucking mosquito to hell, that hit me in the top of my left foot. The stitch is growing up to a size of a maplenut in the boot and hurts. I hear behind a window some Handmade guitarmusic and people are laughing. Have i got something to loose? No. I knock on the door. A few mates are sitting together. Deniz, the owner says just: ‘Me casa est su casa. And suddendly i have a beer in my hand and a couch for tonight. I am really, really thankful!


Arriving at the airfield in Le Mans it becomes clear, hat i  am in good  hands. Tomorrow Pilot Arnod Barth from the Aero Club  Ailes du Maine (which i want to recommand to everybody who wants to meet groovy people) gives me a lift to come a bit more to the south. I have to wash my clothes . In a small plane you are sitting sometimes really very close and i think a Pilot has the right, hat i do not smell to much. Fact is: i need a bed, a washing machine, a dryer and a wifi to get online. Thibault – also from the Aero Club – byes one of limited edition original airtramper stickers from me, so i can go where i find these three things: in the youth hostel. (Actual no bad idea to sell the stickers, that are thought for fotos. A good possibility to make a few Euros.) A good day for an Airtramper!

Keep you in touch…







Sorry, i could not give a update yesterday – Andreas organized a lift and i had to hurry up to get the flight.

A nice couple had the destination Orleans in France and gave me a lift. From Orleans i went by autostop a few kilometers to Brois where a big Ultralight Meeting startet and goes on for the weekend. I could sleep in a tent of a company, but i paid hard for the bedroom:

I was attackt by round about 379 Moskitos during the night and could count more than 40 stitches this morning. Anyway: The Palace was sure and dry. Fair enough, i helped Laurant next day to decorate and spread catalogs to the visitors.



My problem: lot of planes are landing, but no one is leaving. In addition to that the privat planes are not allowed to start bevor the ULM meeting ends on saturday evening. But i dont want to wait two days for a lift. Currently i sit in the local aero club (really nice people!) and use their computer to give you an update.

Probably i try to reach another airport in the near to get the next lift.

Keep you in touch…


Still the same today, i am sick and tired. Where ever we ask: there is no way to geht away from here. Its the forth day in Karlsruhe and my highscore also, i never had so serious problems to get the next lift. I called some aircraft companies and also some companies that offer flights and holiday travels today.

Hope that i get some positive answers tomorrow. It would be time to make some miles. And after we got off duty for today i was longing for a beer. For luck there is a pub/restaurant quite in the near, the ‘Rhinos’. The owners – Udo and Catherine-Ann – let me work for some really tasty beers. By the way: Catherine-Ann, the muffins you gave me for breakfast next morning werde great!




Keep you in touch…













Third day in Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden.

It is incredible: Everybody is flying but me. Andreas contacts all the people in his network, i call all companies and charterers around; but there is no lift to catch. Sometimes there is no place left, sometimes i hear: “Oh, you should have asked yesterday – there a friend of mine flew to the North of Spain and had enough place on board.”

But the weather shall become better. So there could be a chance to find a private Pilot. We will see.

Keep you in touch…



Still in Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden. Could stay for the night in a company flat hat LOSBERGAIR had organised – i am really thankfull! Time to work for shelter and support…


The weather is still not very fine, so the chances to catch a privat Pilot are not very high. Exactly spoken: it’s raining dogs and cats. But Andreas and me are busy to find a lift. For luck: if i don’t geht a lift, i can stay another night in the flat.

Keep you in touch








Time for a snack. And to work for it. Cleaning some kitchenstuff in the Airport Restaurant for a a french quiche cake an a cold  coke. Fair deal..







It worked well yesterday! Pilot Bernd Niessen brought me with a Robin Regent save to Koblenz, wie had to avoid a bad weather front on our way. But no problem for the experienced pilot. Thank you for feeling save!


Next step: with Christoph in his small – and i mean really small Aero Subaro – from Koblenz to the airpark Baden near Karlsruhe.

Could stay for the night at a nice family in the near.



By the way: really nice people who work at the Airport Operation. Feel wellcome here. It will not be very easy to get the next lift, but i get a support from LOSBERGAIR. The CEO Andreas Losberger likes the airtramper project and keeps his eyes open and spreads my request for a lift in his network community. Wie will see.


Keep you in touch…














Next try

I got a call a couple of minutes ago from the Aero Club Hagen e.V. quite in the near of Dortmund.

Hooooray, they can give me a lift to Koblenz tomorrow!

Take off will be at 11.00.

Seems to start. The project. The weather shall be okay, so i better clean up my old pilot glasses from Switzerland, that a friend of mine gave me as a present for the trip.


Keep you in touch…

Flight canceled

Fuck the weather!

The lift from Essen to Koblenz musted be canceled, because the pilot was afraid to get in too bad weather on his way back. But fair enough: Savety first.

I was talking this morning to Christoph, the pilot in Koblenz. If the weather will be okay, i go to Koblenz and start with him tomorrow. Propably to the direction of Baden-Airpark near Karsruhe.

We´ll see.


Kepp you in touch…

First lift

I´m not sure, to how many people i was talking the last two weeks and asked for a lift.

But obviously i can get a lift tomorrow from Essen-Mühlheim. A pilot brings a passenger to Idar-Oberstein an can let me out on the way on the airport Koblenz-Winningen. As far as the weather is on our side.

And if i´m really lucky i can meet there another pilot  – Christoph – who owns a small plane and could bring me further to the south.

Hope the weather will be not too bad tomorrow!


Keep you in touch…

Still looking for a lift

I was the last days to certain small airports in the near – unfortunately without any success.

My favourit answer, when ask for someone who could give me a lift to the direction of France: “Hey, you should have come two days bevor! There a pilot was flying to Lyon and he would have sure a place for you free!”

So i´m still looking for a lift. It is really everething but easy.

If you know someone who flies to the south of Germany oder to France: Contact me, let me know.




Keep you in touch…

Not so easy

In fact – it is not so easy to get on my way. Currently i call nearly all the flight schools und flight communities around and try to find someone who can give me a lift to the french border or even to France.

I also called some jet charter companies and asked for a lift when they have an empty flight.

We will see. But obviously it can take still some days bevor i get a lift in the right direction.


Keep you in touch…


I was the whole morging calling certain people.

And if i´m lucky i can get a lift from the airport Köln-Bonn, quite in the near.

Air Alliance – a jet charter- and ambulance flightcompany – can give me a lift, when they get an order to pick up a patient from a european country to bring him back to Germany.

The problem is: Any destination in France, Spain or Portugal won´t be mine – that would be too easy to get to Lisboa.

So i take the next other flight, wherever it goes to.

But witch destination will it be?

Quite frankly: I´m a bit exitet.

Keep you in touch…

Start in the next days

Okay. I got my new passport, so i´m ready to start in the next days.

The plan: I try to find someone who gives me the first lift. Hopefully i can start from an airport quite in the near…



Don´t wash on 60 °

If you wash your clothes bevor starting a new journey:

Don´t leave your passport in the jacket.

And don´t wash it on 60° in the maschine.

I guess, it´s time for an new one…